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Terms and Conditions:
Logged in or your use of the site Perostyle and referred to as (Website), subject to the terms and conditions described in this agreement, in addition to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The browsing of this site or log approval and acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement is of restrictions or conditions.

Amendment to the terms of use:
The right site Perostyle amend this Agreement as often as needed for that, and is logged in to the website or use it after amendment acceptance and approval of the new amendments, where you have to page agreement visit and see it when I entered the website to make sure the terms and conditions to be observed when using the site.

By accessing Perostyle site, you agree not to do the following things:
1-Do not use the website for illegal purposes.
2- Not to publish any content that is unlawful or contrary to public morality
3- The use of meaningful lyrics (directly or indirectly) racial or sexual violence or policy or extremism.
4-Use of the site in order to impersonate another party.
5- Misuse of the site and its content or damaging the infrastructure.
6- Carry out any action that would harm the site and its function or disable access it or destroy it, or download any harmful material that contains viruses or any similar programs.
7-Use or download information, you may not be used under the law or under contractual or other relationship.
8- Change the content of the site or disabled in any way they are.
9- Cause interruption or malfunction in the normal lines of communication in any way.
10-Represent any entity or company or body is not authorized to represent or claim connectivity with it.
11- Use of the Site in any way to promote the product or destination or display advertising or promotional material.
12- The exploitation of the site to publish any material violates the intellectual property rights of others or collect, store and use personal information to others illegally.

If the site was found to Perostyle breach of these terms or a demonstrated conduct unbecoming through your use of the website, entitled to Perostyle then that: –
1- Draws you a warning that you have violated these terms and ask you to stop such behavior.
2-  Delete any material or contents may be sent without notice to you.
3- Take action (including the cancellation of your account, or suspend or restrict) to prevent you from using the website.
4- Take legal action against you.

Some of the Website parts allow the entry of institutions or persons only registered and / or allow the user to request assistance to support immediate online by entering your personal or institutional, you agree that any information provided to us in these parts are complete and accurate information, and you will not register nor attempt to enter the site, using the name of someone else, you will not adopt a user name that according to its right to freedom of action, is not suitable.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction:
Your use of this site is subject to the mail and conditions contained herein to the laws in force in the State of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and thus agree to be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Perostyle site also retains the right to sue before the courts of your country ..

Disclaimer responsibility:
This expressly understand and agree that your use of the site Perostyle and any materials available through it is your sole risk. It also does not guarantee the site Perostyle not the website is free from interruptions or problems or acts of omissions or errors, as they do not offer you any guarantee about the results that can be obtained from the use of the web site. We offer you this website contents and function within the limits permitted by law and without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

Privacy policy:
Site is committed to protecting the rights Perostyle all visitors to this site. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information, and therefore we have prepared this special security and privacy for the disclosure of our approach in the collection and dissemination of information on our website statement.

Personal or corporate information:
When you register at the site Perostyle, your request is only sometimes required to raise personal or corporate documents that prove the validity of the data. Will not use your personal or institutional, but to inform you on the status of applications or to evaluate your essay in order to improve the quality of the site.

Personal or institutional content is content from the website immediately transported to the browser user login ..

Protect your personal information or institutional:
Your personal information will not be made available only to institutional or just access to information for team work site authorized to provide the services you have requested, and will not be available for public inspection. Moreover, users are not going to post the data sold or transferred to a third party without your prior consent. We must and must ensure that the information you entered when recording is complete and accurate and you will not register nor attempt to enter the site using the name of another person.

Changes in our Privacy Policy:
Perostyle reserves the right to make any modification of the terms of the Privacy Policy from time to time without the need to provide notice. If you wish to continue to use our site after the introduction of amendments to this Privacy Policy, this means that you accept these changes.

Contact us:
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