• logo addressbar Perostyl website is the pioneer in the fields of human resources for mental competency and psychological tendencies

    The website helps (individuals) : –
    1-To determine the suitable career, which chosen from the listed  jobs.
    2. To suggest the appropriate job on the chosen career field.
    3. To mention job description and tasks appropriate to the profession after his identified.

    The website also interested in worthwhile service companies:-
    1-help human resource departments in companies and institutions in their own choice of applicants for jobs and workers so as to reach the lowest personal effort to higher production capacity and thus does not consume the individual psychologically nor the access to the failure to achieve higher production and benefit of the company
    2-provide an opportunity for companies to add employees data and bring them to pass their psychological tests (after the acceptance of their papers and certificates of expertise and training required for each profession) and in complete secrecy guarantee the accuracy of the results
    3. Ensure the efficiency of workers who are actually working.

    – Based on the results of professional orientation tests are specified professions based on the most important scientific tests like tendencies Carl Jung and John Lewis Holland and Strong and others in addition to other mental health special tests. The tests are being used in some Western countries have a team Perostyl in every single test configures a combination of tests to confirm the accuracy of personal profiles ,.

  •  (Perostyle Compatibility System) P.C.S

    It is a sophisticated and complex system in the mechanism and consists of: –

    1database can be increased from the professions and tasks and job descriptions by Western standards.
    2. ( Perostyle encoder)
    3. ( Perostyle coder)
    ( Perostyle decoder)

    A mechanism correlation between the emulation the personal codes with the career codes

  • Raising production capacity for the benefit of companies and institutions in the same existing human resources.

    Reduce mental and physical fatigue on workers.

    Investment of human resources in all its aspects is a computerized without emotional interference.

    – Identify the functions of each profession and duties of each individual.